Beauty as a weapon: how should girls use it?

Getting rid of financial oppression

money problem

In today’s world, most girls’ main objective is to be financially independent. It is an objective for everyone; however, it is the females who face the most oppression when they are financially free. If you are beautiful, young and energetic, then you do not need to spend your whole life building a career ladder. Working as an escort girl will change your life drastically. Unfortunately for us, we live in a world that money means a lot and without it, it is hard to progress in life.

Mixing your beauty with other elements to attract men

  • Defenceless beauty. By nature, every man is a defender. Be fragile and weak for him, show helplessness and dependence on his decisions, and he will certainly want to come to the rescue.
  • Gambling. It is in men’s nature to gamble. Tell him that he cannot win your heart and watch that particular person do everything for you to prove you wrong and win the gamble. The feeling of victory is the best catalyst for the emergence of strong feelings.
  • Strong and independent. Display yourself very strong and act like you do not need anyone to depend on. Most men will try to prove that you do need them by your side.

Although all these secrets seem simple and understandable, only a small number of ladies decide to use them to achieve their goals. Try to make your life brighter and more joyful, carefree and more interesting, because it’s so easier with a reliable man next to you.  It is only a matter of technique to achieve these.

Secrets of flirting

The relationship between a man and a woman cannot go without flirting. This is the phase that you need to be in control. Show your interest but do not surrender. As mentioned earlier, display yourself strong and independent. In fact, flirting means giving your unequivocal desires in a more socially acceptable form. You signal that you are open for a romantic relationship, but do not show it openly. It’s no secret that all men crave love, but not all of them are ready to admit it to themselves.


  • Open postures. No crossed arms and legs. So, a man can be sure that you do not withhold anything from him. This is a kind of signal to action, demonstrating one’s own defencelessness.
  • Confident looks. It is long been proven that if you look at the person directly in their eyes, you will achieve a feeling of sympathy. This trick acts on a psychological level too.


Never be afraid to take the first step, because confidence attracts all men. Be liberated, learn how to show your genuine interest – and your “victim” will be ready to carry out any of your whims without resignation.



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