Secrets of conquering rich men

Conquering the man correctly

Most girls would like to be next to a wealthy man with whom they can enjoy life, rejoice in travel and prosperity. To achieve these, it is worth to try to attract and conquer such men. There is no need to be afraid that you will not be able to charm a businessman or a wealthy football player, it’s always worth remembering that they are primarily men so they can be guided.

strong woman

What do men require?

Everyone knows that the richer a man is, the more he has requirements for his chosen one. If you have a beautiful appearance, charismatic and self-confident personality, then, in addition, you need to know about all the secrets of attracting male attention. You should have your own zest, which helps to drive all men crazy without exception.

There are basic rules and secrets of conquering rich men, note the following:


  • Always be beautiful and well-groomed. Rich men very often go to business meetings in restaurants and other expensive establishments; they want to have a worthy lady next to them. If you value your appearance, then chances to conquer a rich man will only be increasing.
  • The formula for happiness. Every man wants to have a date that only brings happiness and joy. That is why men are attracted to women who have beautiful smiles. Being joyful and smiling all the time is one of the secrets of conquering men.
  • Praise the man. It has long been known that the more we praise a man, the more attention he pays to us. You should complement the man without causation, notice when he wears a new tie, buys a stylish shirt or shoes. Even any accessory on his body should not be left without your attention.
  • Comprehensively develop.   If you want a rich and wealthy man to pay attention to you, you need at least something to match. Self-develop yourself, read books, learn the news, practice new languages so that you have something to talk about. Ability to communicate and join a conversation at any given place are good skills to have. Hence, every young woman should possess these skills.

Being an escort means being around well-known and wealthy men who need a companion – a companion at various events. If we are to use an analogy, a chameleon would fit in this context. Those who are successful at being an escort are the ones that did not give up when difficulties arose. Be patient and do not give up, success will come to you eventually.


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